May 17th 2007

45% of all sales leads turn into a sale

45% of all sales leads turn into a sale. So says Jim Obermayer, Inquiry handling systems. Sales people believe that only 10% of leads turn into a sale….because they stop following after 90 days. Great sales people follow every lead until it dies. After six months a lead still has a 50% chance of converting. Yet over 50% of leads are not followed up!

Colin McWhinney and Paul Maurer both stated at the Rocket Builders GoToMarket sales process session yesterday ( that the majority of prospects do not decide on your desired timeline.. You must adjust your process to their time frame.

Colin stated that studies show that most sales long term come from companies who were not classified as “Hot Leads” on first pass, but were qualified. In order to do this your sales process must nurture the relationship with relevant material and contact based on their response at a relatively low cost. Both Paul and Colin agreed that a salesman is a high cost person to put on lead nurturing program., whereas this is part of the of marketing role to manage the lead nurturing process.



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