May 15th 2007

Why companies hire outside experts (part 1)

Why you should hire outside experts (like Rocket Builders, for example) to look at your business.

  1. There are better ways to learn to make good decisions than by trial and error Some decisions can be assisted, if not made, by solid principles and practices.
  2. Experts think spatially, they quickly notice abnormalities and in a very short time, recognize the strengths and weaknesses in a business. That tells them where to look to gain or exploit advantage.
  3. Executives get consumed by the tactical day to day work required to run the business.
  4. Experts identify a problem, are more likely to classify it correctly and with their experience/education they know the approach to take in solving the problem.
  5. As well, experts can home in quickly on the situation aspects which provide leverage for solving the problem.
  6. Real experts recognize the importance of available clues and of clues not present. What is not happening in the market that is happening in others may present either future threats or present opportunities.
  7. Experts know that solutions that have been effective in the past are not always effective in the future. Most business executives under appreciate the value of testing. . .even in small samples or limited areas. . .new or different approaches.

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