May 14th 2007

Lifehacker. 88 tech tricks to turbocharge your day. Gina Trapini

Lifehacker. 88 tech tricks to turbo-charge your day. Gina Trapini. 2007. ISBN 10-0470050659. Something for everyone i.e. Mac, Linux or Windows by everybody’s favorite Lifehacker. This is a selection of some of the “best” from Gina’s very popular blog, More about the book at I found many very useful “hacks” that I could apply immediately to have a better running home office. Gina is also authoring the “better Gmail” greasemonkey scripts which extends Gmail into a Getting Things Done (GTD) tool. If you have not looked at Lifehacker do so, its on my daily “must read” RSS list. This is a very useful book.

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