April 11th 2007

The Leaky Funnel. Hugh MacFarlane. A diamond from Australia

The Leaky Funnel. Hugh MacFarlane. 2003. ISBN 0975116320. I had heard about this great book from Chris Jordan and Michael Webb. I read it on part of my 36 hr flight back to Canada from Australia/New Zealand ( more later) It is a very well presented, simply put, but brings all the elements we have been working on for the last few years together. What The Goal did for manufacturing, the Leaky Funnel will do the same for Sales and Marketing. Written as a business “fable” for CEOs you will see the parallels to your business. Do not hesitate to immediately buy this book. If you read only one book on sales and marketing this year, read this one. I liked it a lot. (ony available from Amazon.com). (Not to say doing this stuff well is easy.)

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