April 11th 2007

B&Bs in Australia

Well things are a bit different on this front. We arrived at Moniques B&B in Wentworth , the Blue Mountains region ( be prepared, they are rolling hills, gorges, excarpments, canyons, but any mountains have been worn to a smooth nub over 80 million yrs). Very scenic and finally a bit cooler!. Liam Williamson shows us our converted cottage, three bedrooms, sitting room , fire place going ( hey it was below 25 degrees C) . He (and his shepherd puppy) is very excited to see us a it is the low season. Can’t do enough for us. He shows us around the kitchen ( well set up) and says, ” What type of bread and milk to you want? The eggs, bacon and tomato are in the fridge for your breakfast, so I will leave you to it. Different , but then civilized, as we could set our own times to cook and clean up (there are notices about being charged more if the kitchen is not cleaned up when you leave) . Delightful with a full jazz collection. The next day he shows us a wonderful trail to the Wentworth Falls. A highlight of the trip so far.

Blue MountainsThe parrot at Moniques

In the Hunter Valley

We stayed 3 nites at Greta Main Guest House B&B, a converted mine pay office on an old mining site. 90 acres, new rooms ( 5 bedrooms) big sitting dining room, a new gourmet “to die for” kitchen in the old safe (beyond words) , swimming pool and hot tub ~$100 per nite all to ourselves. Tpo top it off, the owners, Colin and Lorraine were gourmet cooks and they fixed up a terrific curry meal for us one nite. Qantas points, and everything else. If you are ever there check them outGreat Main Sitting roomThe Kitchen at Greta Main

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  1. Reg,
    I’m delighted that your trip has gone so well. These journal/web pages you have written are a great read. I’m also pleased to see the picture of Rosina (the cockatoo) with you. Thanks so much for the kind write-up. It seems you did it from memory, though, some time after your visit, as you’ve made a mistake in attributing to Monique’s the sign about cleaning up or being charged more.. That was certainly NOT at Monique’s. I charge just enough to permit my guests to leave a mess if they want. Hell, they’re on holiday! I can understand that some of them have better things to do than load a dishwasher. You did. however, see a sign about turning on the fan over the stove while cooking bacon, otherwise the smoke of cooking sometimes sets off the fire alarms.

    I think i forgot to tell you – Monique’s B&B has a web site with lots of pics:

    Wishing you many more happy memories and a safe trip home.


    Ian Williamson said on 14 Apr 2007 at 6:44 am #

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