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Coffee- A new way of looking at it

“So tell me luv, what coffee would you like?” the blonde gal asked( there are lots of tall lithe blondes here, must be genetic) . “A single expresso please”, I said. “Would that be a short black, long black? Flat white? Skinny or full? 1/4, 1/2 strength? ” The list and descriptions continued…. I knew I was far from the land of Starbucks and Blenz.

Yes there are Starbucks here, but they are having a tough go. In a land where beer is cheaper than water, coffee shops are everywhere. And its fantastic coffee, tasting great, served with flair, speed and variety. In Oz they have done Starbucks one or ten better. And of course the prices are higher.. My $1.65 expresso came in at $2.25 And I have learned to love my $3.20 flatwhites – coffee heaven. (If you are recognized as a local, prices tend to fall, a bit )

So I think I will stop now and have , another coffee!