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Queensland – is it a fine or extra fine day?

Or has it moved onto Brilliant! After three weeks of sunshine and temps at or above 30 degs, today the news comment was that it was nice to see things cooling off for the winter! How can you not love a place like this! How do you know you are from Vancouver? You are looking forward to a cool day with some rain! Pinch me I must be crazy. California with a funny accent is all I can say. check out

Surfers paradise – Miami Beach in Queensland for 45 KM

Downtown Brisbane

More videos under regnordman on youtube.

Fraser Island, Queensland- Sand in my shoes

And sand everywhere. Check out

How would you look after a world heritage site?  Yes logging is cancelled ,but how about letting tourists rent four by fours to tear around the sand filled rough internal roads and race up the 75 miles of flat beach at low tide? 

Enjoy – we should do this for Haida Guai!