February 11th 2007

AIESEC talk- BC chapter of tomorrows leaders

AIESEC – This is a special organization

What a cool idea to let young adults “do” something worthwhile and apply and learn. I will look for this on resume.

I am between you and dinner- never a good place for a speaker.

About me:

  1. Collector of 3 degrees, coach, mentor
  2. Read 100s ofbooks -1 a week all year
  3. Four sons
    1. 28 Michael- Construction – working with strong people .Wants his own business
    2. 26 Joel- Mechanical engineer –
      New Zealand

      and mountain climbing. Work wind turbine company
    3. 21 Brock- 3yr Forestry UBC,

      now, Be independent in 15yrs.
    4. 23 Kyle -3rd start-up- Hiring M.CSc To new grads: Do you know what’s going on around you?

So a good talk =strong beginning – strong end and a short interval between.

Lets talk about:

  1. Education
  2. Career
  3. Leadership
  4. Habits of excellence

Famous drop outs- losers? Don’t think so!

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, (*****) Michael Dell, Dale Carnegie

John Henry Paterson started NCR , hired Thomas Watson Sr. (IBM)

Infamous graduates- whose the loser now?

Skillings (Enron), Conrad Black

You decide. What is important to you?

Hold onto your vision- its yours.

Others will try to talk you out of it. (******)

Academics are smart people –

learn from them what you can and need .

Use education as a tool to be creative.Develop a way of thinking that’s Critical, Tangential.


What you read today, is what you will be in six months.

Consume everything you are passionate about :

Technical – all inputs plus teachers

World affairs- The Economist , not FOX! (Murdoch)

Personal development/interest- biographies!

Make information work for you.Use your educational tools to learn intelligently:

Question, Listen, Review

and Build your Vision

Must reads

Tom Stanley – The Millionaire Next Door

Napolean Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Robt Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People


Research your own career.

Degrees get you a predicable income,but talk to those who do it

Red Flags that you hear, that may cause a rethink?

Rat race, Misery, Tied to the jobs

Individual spark rises above all

Be open minded. Everyone can teach you something.Their delivery may not be kind not sensitive. Get over it.

Find your interests. Pick one you are passionate about and see where it takes you. If its big and rewarding great!

Its easy to pick a “hot” job – which interests you only awhile

but then what do you have?

Leaders – “A Dealer in Hope” Napolean Bonaparte

Can you do it by yourself?

Surround yourself with people with complementary skills, when you can

Acquaintances are important

Politicians prove it (infamous)

Jack Welsh- cut to the results- use the best

Robt Scoble- ex-MSoft blogger. cool job, cooler friends

Guy Kawasaki (the Art of the Start)

The world is 90% employees

Why? Fear, comfort, habit, they feel useful

It’s a resource to nurture – to harness .

You have the dream, it’s your job to visualize it for employees/team

Show them how to Mow the Lawn properly before you criticize the work.

They want to feel the same things you do

Safe, doing good things.

Be challenged and

Allowed to grow into roles

What type of person are you? What type are they?

Cup half full or half empty?

Tracks in the snow means progress forward

Leadership is – good news is all theirs

bad news you own it all.

Great leaders Simplify


Don’t bury the lead. We have the Curse of Knowledge (too much of it)

Really smart people make the hard stuff simple for others.

4. Habits

.Make the best of your day (time)

Make use of mornings to get things done.

Always make one more call before you quit.

Break up goals

End ofDay make a list of top 5 next day.

End of Week make a list of top 5 next Week.

End of Month one item each week (4).

End of Quarter one top item for ea month (3).

End of Year top item each next quarter (4).

It worked for:

Andrew Carnegie- US Steel

Steven Covey- Big Rocks First 7 Habits

Choose your life partner carefully

They should allow your passion and It’s a two way street.



Hold onto your vision

Develop different thinking skills


Surround yourself with great people

Consume all information


First show the lawn mowed well

Make tracks in the snow

Simplify everything


Make Plans/lists

Partner smart

In School – first you study, then comes the test.

In the Real World – the test comes first!

Always be ready

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4 Responses to: “AIESEC talk- BC chapter of tomorrows leaders”

  1. Hi,
    I was at the AIESEC conference that you spoke at and I would like to say that I really enjoyed your speech. I’ve heard many speakers talk about leadership but yours was very motivational.

    I plan on taking a look at the books you recommended.


    Andrea said on 12 Feb 2007 at 5:33 pm #

  2. Thanks Andrea,
    I had a blast, you were a great group!

    rnordman said on 12 Feb 2007 at 8:29 pm #

  3. Hi Reg,

    Before you came to our conference, you already caught my attention since:
    1) I worked at RIM before and loved it
    2) I’m in computer engineering
    3) You are a UVic alumni
    4) We were going to AIESEC conference!

    During your speech I found:
    1) You started with telling us you didn’t know such great organization existed, and you said “you guys are doing real work in the real world” – that’s exactly what I thought as an outsider, right before I got involved with this org.
    2) You mentioned engineering, RIM, quantum computing, design of MAC, EA, American’s sales strategies and all those areas that I’m excited about.
    3) “Dinner’s the worst time to give a speech” – I found the same during our last conference, and I told my team member to watch out all these details when we are planning for an event
    4) “When you are at school… try to see all the other things going on around you” – I always try to do this and I saw a lot more after taking my leadership role in AIESEC
    5) “You decide what’s the most important to you” – I always try to do this for myself; “People will try to talk to you out of it” – happened in the past all the time, and still going on, especially among my families; “…but stick with your vision” – the biggest challenge, but I felt more support after your speech. 🙂
    6) “What you read today is the person you’re going to become in six months” – I remember one of my favorite lines in the movie “You’ve got mail”: “You Are What You Read”.
    7) “Volume of sales activities is not a good thing” – I’m against simply increasing volume and I was reading how it is not a numbers game anymore a few days before coastal.
    8) “It’s not about you, it’s about other people’s self-interests” – I can’t say how much I agree with that. I always think that when working with others, whether to make a sale or to achieve certain goals together, we got to have something to offer that align with others’ interests.

    I feel that I can never finish here. It is “where the passion takes you”…

    After all, I just want to share my passions and feedbacks to your speech. AIESEC Victoria is holding a couple of events at UVic this year, the major one being the Global Village, a multi-cultural festival/exhibition. I hope we will have you again during one of our events or all of our events.

    I will appreciate if you will email me at the address given.

    Last, I want to say that we are indeed a great group and I’m proud to be in AIESEC. And I believe that with our efforts and talents, AIESEC will definitely become greater than great this year!

    Eve (Pulin) Lin
    VP External Relations
    AIESEC Victoria

    Eve (Pulin) Lin said on 19 Feb 2007 at 3:06 am #

  4. oh my point #8 turned into a smiley face

    Eve (Pulin) Lin said on 19 Feb 2007 at 3:07 am #

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