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AIESEC talk- BC chapter of tomorrows leaders

AIESEC – This is a special organization

What a cool idea to let young adults “do” something worthwhile and apply and learn. I will look for this on resume.

I am between you and dinner- never a good place for a speaker.

About me:

  1. Collector of 3 degrees, coach, mentor
  2. Read 100s ofbooks -1 a week all year
  3. Four sons
    1. 28 Michael- Construction – working with strong people .Wants his own business
    2. 26 Joel- Mechanical engineer –
      New Zealand

      and mountain climbing. Work wind turbine company
    3. 21 Brock- 3yr Forestry UBC,

      now, Be independent in 15yrs.
    4. 23 Kyle -3rd start-up- Hiring M.CSc To new grads: Do you know what’s going on around you?

So a good talk =strong beginning – strong end and a short interval between.

Lets talk about:

  1. Education
  2. Career
  3. Leadership
  4. Habits of excellence

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