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Why Johnny Can’t Sell. Michael Nick & Robert Kantin.

Why Johnny Can’t Sell. Michael Nick & Robert Kantin. 2006. ISBN
1419535730. and What to Do About It. Nick is the author of ROI4Selling.

Small but very very well put together book.
This really wraps it all up as far as I am concerned with today’s issues
with selling. Short version, most salesmen and sales forces are
woefully unsupported by the rest of the company with materials,services
and information absolutely necessary to deal with the reality of selling
today. Its not a good time to be a tech sales guy- things are very
different and much harder today. 95% of companies talk the talk of the
consultative sale, but aside from some generic sales process training,
they do nothing useful to help the sales process. This is a must buy for
CEOs and Sales Guys. Read it and do the exercises. Guaranteed you will
be illuminated.