January 30th 2007

Wikinomics. Don Tapscott & Antony Williams.

Wikinomics. Don Tapscott & Antony Williams.2006. ISBN 9781591841388.
Well I got through another Tapscott book. Consider this the informed
man’s “The World is Flat.” The lesson learned is read chapter one and
the last chapter. If any of the examples intrigue you, read the other
chapters. Oh and Chapter One is on his website. www.wikinomics.com.
Somehow his books are a slog, even though he has become a better writer.
His co-author is much easier to read. The basic premise is that if you
take lots of the good things about open source (peer networks, open
attitudes, sharing on an uncommon scale and global stretch) it is being
applied to any business – Boeing, P&G, GoldCorp, Chinese motorcycles,
BMW and so on. But this has been said before in several books, so the
ground is not new. You may be surprised at the extent and impact of
this change, which in Canada is a good thing as productivity concerns
have been hijacked by environmental talk. If you can get it from a
library, read it. I wouldn’t spend money on it.

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