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Value Acceleration. Mitch Gooze’ & Ralph Mroz

Value Acceleration. Mitch Gooze’ & Ralph Mroz. 2007. ISBN 1599320096.
Value Acceleration is a break through book! It applies the process
improvement tools that great companies like IBM, Toyota, Intuit are
using to overpower their competitors. However the book does not get
bound up in terminology. It is also well researched, written and
attributed. The footnotes are bang on. My lesson learned was the clear
delineation of the importance of Marketing as a strategic interface
between Product Development and Sales. This book is a major step toward
successful implementation of Six Sigma and Lean Thinking to result in an
end-to-end Product Development- Marketing- Sales process. The book makes
it clear that this will be key to good companies being able to continue
to seize market opportunities. The Prologue as a fable is extremely
well done and grips the reader. A must buy for all businesses! Check out his manifesto