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Zag. Marty Neumeier

Zag. Marty Neumeier. 2007. USBN 0321426770. A refreshing and candid
look at differentiation and branding. This chap has a pedigree that
goes very far back in marketing. Using a clear simple style he makes a
very good case for keeping things simple and clear. Lesson learned , all
companies should be able to complete the sentence. Our brand is the
ONLY _____that _______. His website is cool
Really worth the read – perfect for a two hour plane ride. Creative
layout too.

Six Sigma for Marketing Processes. Creveling, Hambleton & McCarthy

Six Sigma for Marketing Processes. Creveling, Hambleton & McCarthy.
2006. ISBN 013199008X. Part of a Prentice Hall series, Although its
labelled an overview, this is not a book for the faint hearted.
Absolutely chock full of how to install a six sigma system inside your
marketing dept. There are a few mentions of companies such as 3M
getting a 300% return from this effort. One could call this a definitive
textbook on what to do. A lesson learned was the degree of detail,
reliability and predictability such work can bring about in your
efforts. I would say read Ch 1 and Ch 8 first before you dive in. Not an
easy read, it leans on the academic side, appealing to a numbers and
acronyms driven individual.