January 2nd 2007

The Change Function. Pip Coburn.

The Change Function. Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn. Pip Coburn.2006. ISBN 1591841321. This is the Innovators Dilemma of 2007. He pokes big sticks through Moore’s and
Grove’s laws, with a shot at Metcalf too. The writer was a UBS technology
analyst for many years and has pretty well decided that technology
fails to really make the world a better place. Lesson learned, only 5%
of new products introduced each year “succeed”. Add to the gulf between
sales and marketing a gulf between research and development and huge
column of empty air between these two large groups. Well written, easy
and quick, it still manages to put out a lot of hard information , which
we can then turn into insight. We all need insight into why folks buy
and use or not buy and not use products. You need this book. Step one,stop saying sales process and call it the buying process.

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