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Power Base Selling. Jim Holden.

Power Base Selling. Jim Holden. 1992. ISBN 0471327336. Secrets of an Ivy
League Street Fighter. A no nonsense classic in enterprise B2B sales.
Holden has two other books on his website

This is the playbook for not only different strategies to get in, secure and win an account, but how to salvage or savage a sale going to a competitor. I recognized that some of these tactics had been used against me. Learned a great lesson on how to inoculate your client against competitors seeking to wrest the business from you. He shows you how to locate The Fox in companies, the behind the scenes power player who can introduce you to the internal politics of the company. A “pure” sales book likening the salesguy to solo warrior chief. A very good book, simple, easy to read and absolutely full of terrific guidance. Should be part of every sales guys road library and read often