December 6th 2006

No More Cold Calling. Joanne S. Black

No More Cold Calling. Joanne S. Black. 2006. ISBN 0446577790. A logical
extension of today’s changing selling process is the idea of 100%
referral business prospecting. A referral has almost zero cost of sales
with about a 50% chance of closing. The author lays out a very clear
model and method of implementing it. One must know what your Ideal
customer looks like and be able to clearly articulate it to the
potential referrer. Also you will need to have demonstrated true value
for the person doing the referral (so that is just good business). A
good point is that you are looking for just one or two referrals – do
not be greedy and if they work out, you can come back. Let the referring
party know what occurred and send thanks. Very useful book, easy read,
with clear guidelines for sales people and sales managers. This is not
easy, but a definite payoff for the careful reader. One for your

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