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What Sticks. Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart

What Sticks. Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart. Why Most Advertising Fails and
How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. ISBN 1419584332. 2006. Things learned.
47% of advertising does not work (= $37B). 70% of marketing staff time
is spent on rework. $53 B of marketing money is wasted due to not
understanding customer motivation. There are no more important things
to get right than, 1. Customer motivation and needs (why would they hire
your product/co.?) 2. Positioning (how you differentiate) and 3.
Segmentation (Different groups of customers might need to buy your
products differently).

Then 31 % of companies got their messaging all wrong. = $35.8 B wasted.
Seeing a trend here? Sales and marketing is the last area in business
that needs a complete process chain style overhaul This book is full
of the data that shows you where the wastes are happening, how to put
in measures and processes to figure out what is happening and then what
to do to make it right. Remember the 70:20:10 ratio. Spend 70% of money
on present customers/products, 20% on sustainable extensions and 10% on
wild-ass innovation. However Test , Measure/analyse, deploy the
innovation. Measure everything! This is not an easy read, but a
watershed book for marketing & sales At Rocket Builders this is how we
do things, so I guess I am somewhat prejudiced. But our metrics and
results prove this correct.