November 3rd 2006

The Wal-Mart Effect. Charles Fishman

The Wal-Mart Effect. Charles Fishman. 2006. ISBN 1594200769.

New YorkCity has no Wal-Marts. Ever wonder why?
The third book on Wal-Mart I have read – easily the best. Fishman
traces the impact year to year, from town to town and state to state in
the US and then through to the on and offshore suppliers. His findings?
The company is in trouble. Same store sales growth is dropping year
after year, the company does not know how to have fun and the Law of Low
Prices is working against the Wal-Mart ecosystem as well as what
consumers want . You learn about the numbers behind the growth and
where it comes from and what it does to product sourcing, quality and
suppliers. From personal experience I will say that selling to Wal-Mart
makes you believe that the company is just plain mean. The story about
Chile and salmon fish farms caused me much anguish. The author is a
Fast Company journalist who has done some serious homework. He can write
and the story flows. Vancouver council should read it.

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