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Bangalore Tiger. Steve Hamm

Bangalore Tiger. Steve Hamm.2007. ISBN 0071474781. How Indian Upstart
Wipro Is Rewriting the Rules of Global Competition. Wipro differs from
the other Indian outsourcing companies in many ways. Volumes, profits,
creation of IP, use of CMM, Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing in all its
efforts, and the ability to partner with world class Orgs (like GE, TI )
to learn as much as they can.
No politics internally, scrupulous ethics, lack of NIH’sm and an incredible work ethic all mean if you are running a service business you better read this book. If you are looking at creating a worldwide competitive advantage, read this book, and if you want to find out about the applications of modern management practise read this book. Or if you just want to be scared out of your complacent Canadian low productivity shorts, read this book.
I found it a reasonable easy read. The author is a journalist from BusinessWeek so he should be a writer. At times it seems like he is the chief Wipro cheerleader, and I would have preferred some more analysis of Infosys and TCS. Apparently the author was asked into Wipro by the owner/CEO
India’s second wealthiest person , who seems to act and live like Warren
Buffett. I could not help but think that the author made the company
look too good IMHO. Worth a read tho. Listen to apodcast at