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Small Giants. Bo Burlington.

Small Giants. Bo Burlington.2005. ISBN 1591840937. Companies that choose
to be great instead of big.
Co Author with Jack Stack of the great game of business, Burlington is
an Inc editor, so he can write
easy to read, clear copy. He looks at companies you may not have heard
of, who are successful, had the offer to
grow, merge, acquire etc….and choose not to.

More than a feel good
profiles of several companies, it is a refreshing reversal of the famous
Jack Welsh GE Be no 1 or 2 or get out of the business
mantra. Rather be the absolute best at what you do, know everyone’s
name and create a winning culture. A good book
well written and researched. By the way, these are not “life-style”
companies but they are “balanced.”

Small Giants