October 19th 2006

Writing White Papers. Michael A. Stelzner.

Writing White Papers. How to capture readers and keep them engaged.
Michael A. Stelzner. 2007. ISBN 0977716937. This is the definitive
guide. In our continued pursuit of improving the marketing – sales
process, white papers can be a key tool. This book can help anyone
charged with this task. Stelzner is all about the details as he delves
into every facet of the white paper. He is easily the North American
expert in this field, plus as a writer the book is easy to read, however
the task is not easy to master. Check him out at
www.whitepapersource.com including a free short ebook download.

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  1. Hi Reg!

    Thanks for your review of my book!

    The link to get a free sample of the ebook for download is actually http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/book/Sample-WritingWhitePapers.pdf

    All my best!


    Michael Stelzner said on 19 Oct 2006 at 1:14 pm #

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