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The J Curve. Ian Bremmer

The J Curve. Ian Bremmer. ISBN 139780743274715. 2006. A concise and
thoughtful analysis of nations, their stability and what is a head of
them if they move toward a more “open” (Ie US/Canadian/EU) style of
government. He uses examples and shows historically why or why not they
can or cannot progress toward a more “open and stable” style of govt.
Fascinating and it gives you some real alternatives to the popular
press. Many of the free worlds “responses” to these states are shown to
be doomed to failure while holding up exemplars of what does and will
work. Examples used ( boy are they relevant) Far left (closed) North
Korea, Cuba, (Saddams) Iraq. Sliding Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia In
the depths South Africa, Yugoslavia, Right (opening) is Turkey,
Israel, India, and then China’s dilemma. The North Korea example is
held up as an example how the far left closed states want to remain
separate from the Western influences and our hope is regime change from
within, i.e. do everything in our power to assist Western influences to
penetrate the country over time. He posits that we must deny N Korea any
chance to sell nuclear technology as it has nothing else to sell, while
pushing for any chance to increase western influence inside the country.
Do not make it easier for closed societies to remain closed. Reads like
a novel, good writing.