Archive for October 4th, 2006

Don’t Make me think. Steve Krug (2nd ed)

Don’t Make Me Think. Steve Krug (2nd ed). 2006. ISBN 0321344758. A
Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. If you are wondering why your
web site does not “work” then this is one of the books you need to read.
Pragmatic, web tested and quickly applicable, this book will help
prevent you from making the most common mistakes. Of course he does not
help with the “content” you are placing there nor how you need to guide
the various types of viewers to the most appropriate materials. But,
this is much better than doing nothing to fix your sites usability. Two
hours to read ( well written and clear), a lifetime to master.

Selling the Dream. Guy Kawasaki

Selling the Dream. Guy Kawasaki. 1991. ISBN 0887306004. I found this,
his second book, in a remainder bin. I have now read all his books and
enjoy his blog on a regular basis. Aside from an easy, good read, his
writing is always immediately valuable. The advice and insights can be
used for profits and non profits alike. This book is core to internal HR
policy if building your culture is important ( Job 1 according to Jack
Welch). Great, fast, relaxing read, plus it includes the original
Macintosh product introduction plan, still one of the best examples