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The 86% Solution. Vijay Mahajan & Kamini Banga

The 86% Solution. Vijay Mahajan & Kamini Banga. 2006. ISBN 0131489070.
How to succeed in the biggest market opportunity of the 21st century.
Carrying on with the thesis started by The Fortune at the Bottom of the
Pyramid, this book clearly articulates the incredible opportunities
waiting for us in the developing world. Drawing from real life
experiences and interviews with local and global players, this is a very
good read. Lots of insight into the local adjustments that successful
companies are doing to build very fast growing businesses everywhere but
the developed world. This is an absolute must read if you want to grow
your business more than 10% per year. It is also fascinating to read
about the innovative products coming back to our markets that are
upsetting the NA apple cart! This is just chock a block with
fascinating (to me) “did you know” items.