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Everything Bad is Good for You. Steven Johnson.

Everything Bad is Good for You. Steven Johnson.2006. ISBN 1573223077.
How Today’s Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter. A wide
ranging treatise on the impact of popular culture and how it is making
much of our population smarter. So did you know that playing video
games, teaches one that things are hard, that rules are hidden and need
to be found out and that anything worthwhile is worth working for over a
long period of time. Just what do reality TV shows really teach us and
why is that valuable? The Apprentice is way nmore engaging of viewer
talking (blogs and news groups) than Laverne and Shirley ever was. What
about the overall impacts and contributions of Seinfelt, 24 and the
Sopranos to the viewers ability to sort of multiple story lines, complex
plot weaves and reverse twists? Why is Finding Nemo a much more
difficult story than Bambi, yet it is watched and rewatched young and
old alike , and it was built to be that way? Did you know that the IQ
levels of most of our population is rising? That violence in schools is
dropping overall? Ever wonder why many non blockbuster movies from
folks like David Lynch go on to sell heavily to the home libary market?
That some blogs keep TV shows on the air and why? Sim City is the
largest selling video game of all time! If you are the keeper of the
corporate culture at your company, you must read this book. Insight
inito the changing capabilities of your up and coming employees is just
one of the reasons. It is a clear and easy read, that held me in a
death grip of challenged personal reality.