July 20th 2006

Storytelling. Klaus Fog, Christian Budtz, & Baris Yakaboylu

Storytelling. Fog, Budtz, & Yakaboylu. Branding in Practise. 2005. ISBN
3540235019. This book makes so much sense, it makes you wonder why
someone from Europe had to write it! If you have been following the
Rocket Builders journey building an integrated and sales and marketing
model you will recognize how this books fits so well. The premise is
unifying all your messages around your core story. It could be Harley
Davidson wrto “Freedom” or Nike “the Will to Win”, whatever you need a
core story ti unify all your efforts. (We talk about helping the client
“discover” how they need you to help them achieve a core goal). Download
a chapter at http://www.sigma.dk/pages/sneak_preview.html
Very easy read, well organized and it flows wonderfully. A library keeper.

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