July 11th 2006

Discover your sales strengths. Smith & Rutigliano

Discover your sales strengths. Smith & Rutigliano. 2003. ISBN
0446530476. Thanks to Chris Jordan for mentioning this book. A
follow-up to Buckingham and Clifton’s Now, Discover Your Strengths.
But, written with the sales person in mind. The chapter on sales
management is very valuable. I have always agreed that you spend your
time developing your gifts and folks improve their performance most
when you tell them what went well. It worked in coaching sports and
supervising people. The insights on spending your time with winners more
than the weak performers is very well done. If you do not have either
of these books I advise getting one of them, plus you get to do the
on-line test with the Gallup Org which helps you find your own
strengths. File this under personal development and management. Easy

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