April 9th 2006

Passionate & Profitable. Lior Arussy.

Passionate & Profitable. Lior Arussy. 2005. ISBN 0471713929. Why
Customer Strategies fail and 10 Steps to Do Them Right.
So your company is customer focussed? Tell me, If you lose two top
customers, which senior executive gets fired? Do you regularly ask
your good customers. “Would you recommend us to someone else?” Have
you lost your natural paranoia that got you success in the first place?
This is a superb, no punches pulled book. Easy read, but the lessons to
learn are rooted in real life experiences. His website is
http://www.strativitygroup.com. This is a smart guy who writes a very
readable book. In many ways this is a complement to the Christennsen
work on innovation solutions. I recommend you get this one.

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