March 22nd 2006

A Whole New Mind. Daniel H. Pink

A Whole New Mind. Daniel H. Pink. 2005. ISBN 1573223085. Moving from the
information age to the conceptual age. (Pink wrote Free Agent Nation).
This book adds to the growing literature which documents the rise of
right brain thinking for success in business and the continued decline
of importance of “pure” left brain activities. Very clearly written with
some valuable resources for each of the six sections;design, story,
symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. The insights bring together lots
of the issues facing North America today (like education, outsourcing,
search for meaning, rise of spirituality) and presents very interesting
opportunities for the businessman professionally and personally. I
would recommend this to anyone with a desire to seek an “open mind’, but
it is very valuable to the young person plotting his/her career path and
those wishing to hire them.

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