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Dealing with Darwin. Geoffrey Moore

Dealing with Darwin. Geoffrey Moore . 2005. ISBN 1591841070. How Great
Companies Innovate at Every Phase of their Evolution.
Okay this is the business book of the year for me, already! Moore has
boiled and extended his original work by harnessing the context of an
operating company to tease out and illustrate real operational efforts
for any company. In collaboration with Cisco, Moore built this book
around that recognized innovator, making Cisco the main case study. You
do not need to be a technology company to gain valuable management
insights from this work. It applies equally to service and product
companies. But the track he lays out for you is hard, rigorous and
filled with incredible rewards. Along the way you will gain insight into
harnessing globalization, near sourcing, outsourcing, repurposing your
workforce, what differentiation you must constantly develop,and how not
to sacrifice tomorrows’ products for today’s profits. This is an
ambitious book, which offers us an unified theory of market evolution.
This is an instant classic and one to buy, read, reread and grow with.