December 20th 2005

Selling is dEAD. Marc T. Miller & Jason M. Sinkovitz

Selling is dEAD. Marc T. Miller& Jason M. Sinkovitz ISBN 0471721115.
2005. Two practitioners of Neil Rackham’s SPIN selling and Major
Account Selling processes , Miller and Sinkovitz up date and extend the
Rackham model. Their unique contribution is in explaining how to sell
large divergent solutions to the 95% of companies who are satisfied with
the present status. Rackham dealt very well with companies/clients
that they considered to be in ‘shopping mode” for concurrent not
divergent offers as well as looking at “buyer” behaviors leading to a
decision to buy. The depth of the book is daunting (70 000 words) but
the power is in the details they draw the reader through. By ensuring
that selling strategy, tactics, skills and systems are built out from a
rigorous sales framework, the authors lead you through how today’s
selling can be dramatically improved. In the closing chapters they lay
out one of the simplest but most useful “sales effectiveness”
measurement models I have found to date. A library keeper for all
“businesspeople who sell”. Best sales book of the year.


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