November 20th 2005

Client at the Core. Aquila & Marcus

Client at the Core. August J. Aquila & Bruce W. Marcus. 2004. ISBN
Marketing and Managing Today’s Professional Services Firm. This is an
extension of Maister’s work
on Professional Services Firm management. Although all the examples
refer to accountants and lawyers,
the content is very germane to any service firm. The thrust is to
educate the services professional on the
relationship of marketing. sales to management of the firm. The book
does an admirable job. In our practise we are very often retained to address the daily struggle thatservices firms come up against in these areas.
In the corporate world the management solutions to these issues are
recognized and addressed. Professionals by their nature of being professionals in a practise area are not trained or educated in the management tools needed to achieve
these goals. Plus time spent away from “practise” to address these areas
comes often at the detriment of the firm. Excellent book and very timely. If the issue is relevant, a library keeper (easy read too).

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