July 9th 2005

Your Marketing Sucks. Mark Stevens. This is the most truthful book on marketing ever

Your Marketing Sucks. Mark Stevens. 2005 . ISBN 1400081696. This is the most truthful book on marketing ever. “If the moola you spend on marketing isn’t growing your business and bringing in more moola in return, then you have marketing that …sucks.” Stevens is very clear and concise. “Stop throwing thousand-dollar bills out the window and camouflaging spending as marketing-demand that the money spent on marketing bring in more money in return.” Even better, “Fire your advertising agency if it even thinks about applying for a Clio or other creative award.” Awards do not generate moola for you who is paying the bill. This is a terrific book for any CEO who wonders if he is just throwing money at the wall with his creative/advertising/marketing budget. If you are not getting clear metrics reflected by increased bottom line dollars – then the money is wasted. Al Trout told us that advertising is dead and PR is alive. Stevens gives very concrete examples for you and I to see this clearly and a plan to remedy things immediately. Our company already adopted revenue-focussed marketing for 2 quarters and it works. A keeper and a true reference book

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