April 29th 2005

Hardball.Geo. Stalk, Rob Lachenauer. Are you playing to play or playing to win?

Hardball. Are you playing to play or playing to win? Geo. Stalk, Rob Lachenauer. 2004. ISBN 1591391679. Two senior guys from Boston Consulting Group have compiled some excellant examples and strategies for companies that want to play hardball in their industry. It includes a very good analysis of how to play the China and India cards properly. This book has good congruence with Christensen’s Seeing What’s Next and McNamee’s The New Normal. It is a keeper for those of us having a strategy library and a maturing business model. I appreciated some of the ways that a small vendor could eat someone’s lunch, playing hardball. It also gives insight into how Toyota could play GMs recent profitability issues if they wanted to hardball them. Easy to read and not too long, which seems to be a business book trend.

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