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Start Late, Finish Rich. David Bach

Start late, Finish Rich.

Start late, Finish Rich. Canadian Edition. David Bach. 2005. ISBN 0385661312. Part of a seven book FinishRich series. Written for Canadian audiences. I’ve seen these books around so much, I had to pick one up and read it. Plus I like the way the titles always ended. This one is more practical than the Rich Dad series. Easy to read, this author has never really been poor. If you have not read one of these., pick one up at the library and have a read. Its especially good to explain these things to the young folks around and those who are numerically” challenged”, he keeps things simple. The book is fun and not a waste of time. I think he would be a good speaker, it’s nothing new, Mike

Start Late, Finish Rich (Canadian Edition): a No-Fail Plan for Achieving Financial Freedom at Any Age Grenby preached us this stuff many years ago. Good line,you can not invest money that you have spent.