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Blockbusters. Gary .S. Lynn, Richard R. Reilly, The five keys to developing great new products

Blockbusters. The five keys to developing great new products. (Based on a ten yr study of 700 new product launches). Gary .S. Lynn, Richard R. Reilly. 2002. ISBN 006008474X. Quite a cool readable book. Learn about the Apple IIe (market ldr for 8 yrs), Iomega Zip drive, Polycomm soundstation, Black and Decker Powershot. Palm Pilot and Handspring, Mars pathfinder. All marketplace blockbusters which impacted their industry in huge ways. These two break it out into five areas;

Compelling product vision,

product improvisation,

Information exchange,

Senior management commitment, and


Engineers will love this book , it has metrics! Plus it is a very easy and believable read. I found it in a bookbin.

Microsoft. First Generation. Cheryl Tsang.

Microsoft. First Generation. Cheryl Tsang. 2000.ISBN 0471332062. The story of 12 of the first Microsofites, the millionaires who have now retired with their riches. Lots of insight in many divisions and ways at Microsoft, plus insights into some of Gates and Balmers early interactions and styles. From employee no 7 to no 1007, these individual guys and gals have stories about product, division and international business development. They lasted an avg. of ten years and all of them would do again, given the chance. Of course they messed up their marriages, personal health and missed out on seeing their kids grow up. But they changed the world. In the bookbin. Easy read as the author is a writer. Get it from the library. I sense an edge under the book of much unsaid. I am waiting for the New Normal by MacNamee. It promises to turn our work upside down…again.