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Here Be Dragons. Peter C. Newman.

Here Be Dragons. Peter C. Newman. 2004. ISBN 0771067925. At over 2 inches and 200 000 words definitely not a book to trifle with. Loved it! Each chapter covers years and Newman puts hearts, feelings and guts out on each page. He is really cutting when it comes to politicians. As he says,” Canada can survive incompetent PMs and govts.” He has no reluctance to name the incompetents in any generation. Each chapter can stand on its own and it teaches us a lot about Canada and Newman. Good Canadians will want to buy, read and gift it or use the library, but you have to read it all! Lots of howlers here! 708pp. Partner Selling. Bob Frare. 2000.ISBN 1580622909. A primer on the subject of working with your customer to win win and long term sales value. Lots of very good material, written in a pragmatic easy to read style. Just the book to give to a non salesman technically oriented person to read about selling today. Very digestible, realistic and definitely useful. Bargain bin at Bookwarehouse or ask for a library loan.200pp

Here Be Dragons: Telling Tales of People, Passion and Power