December 11th 2004

The Marketing Playbook. Zagula and Tong

The Marketing Playbook. Zagula and Tong.2004. ISBN 1591840384. Here is one of the two best books for me for 2004. This plus Christensen makes a go to market specialists day! Lots of the content is allover their blog, But the book is a library keeper. If you have been around the product launch block at least once, you will really see the merit of the content of this book. The two authors developed and launched MS Office, Backoffice, NT Server and other key MSoft technologies. Learn from their chronicled mistakes, which go beyond the obvious. And hey they are both VCs now! You can also catch them in various talks in Seattle still. They keep it simple, straight forward, and no not easy, since this involves very hard work to get it right! Easy, fast read, that I will reread a few times. Thanks to Troy for pointing this one out to us!

Marketing Playbook

-Zagula and Tong

ISBN 1591840384

Price: CDN$ 5.11 CAD

Lowest used price: CDN$ 4.62 CAD

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