December 9th 2004

High Probability Selling. Jacques Werth. one of the most intriguing sales books ever.

High Probability Selling. Jacques Werth. 2000. ISBN 0963155032. Quite likely one of the most intriguing sales books I have come across. Written with the use of many Q&A sessions and examples, the model/book is very east to grasp and read. If wanting to be the most effective user of sales time (calling and F2F) is one of your goals, this is a good book for you. On the surface
it directly challenges one myth of selling “Always Ask for the Order” and replaces it with a much more productive method. Also it helps you build a solid respectful and trusting relationship with clients.

Since we have been studying and applying sales techniques for a long time, Rocket Builders can see that the core idea of this book is well thought out. Customers are asked structured questions which allow them to quickly disqualify themselves as high probability prospects. Once disqualified, the sales person politely moves on. Talking with and making proposals to people who are serious about buying is a saleman’s nirvana. This book can help get you closer to that point. Thanks to Chris Jordan for pointing this one out.

High Probability Selling

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