December 7th 2004

The New Market Leaders. Fred Wiersema. Who’s winning and how in the battle for customers

The New Market Leaders. Fred Wiersema. 2003. ISBN 0743204662. The co-author of The Discipline of Market Leaders, Wiersema revisited and created a top 100 list of companies who have a proven ability to win the battle for customers. Most of the leaders you know are there, but there are many surprises as he studied over 5600 companies over the world to get to this list. This is a good book for your bookshelf as there is lots to take home from it. There are a few companies that did not survive the shake out, but surprisingly few, which validates his thorough methodology. A good theory into practise book with a very readable style. Good short travel book as well.

The New Market Leaders : Who's Winning and How in the Battle for Customers

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