December 6th 2004

The Tipping Point. Malcolm Gladwell. How little things make a difference

The Tipping Point. Malcolm Gladwell. 2002. ISBN 0316546624. Recommended by Christensen, this is a very enlightening book. Gladwell melds Crossing the Chasm, with the Network router effect while analyzing real world viral marketing, and he has nothing to do with the technology world. The Tipping Effect is a chronicle of how a small change ion a society equilibrium can make dramatic changes in a concepts acceptance and its stickiness. Essential reading if you believe, as we do, that sales before good marketing is very very expensive and wasteful. He is a journalist, so it reads well. He uses many case studies and examples (crime, disease, suicide, smoking, Airwalk shoes, Columbine, HIV etc) to clearly illustrate his thesis. This is a very uplifting book for our ideas about the power of guerrilla marketing to gain the mind share of Trendsetters. Get it from the library, but it is $20 at Book Warehouse

The Tipping Point : How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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