August 31st 2003

The Most Effective Organization in the United States. Robt. Watson

The Most Effective Organization in the United States by Robt. Watson. ISBN 060960869X,. 2001
This is a story about an organization that Michael Porter calls “the most effective organization in the US”, the Salvation Army. 5000 uniformed officers, 43 000 employees and a 3.3 million volunteer workforce with an annual budget of $3 B. This is not the best written book, but it is very useful ( a library borrow at the least). The engine that drives this army is a lofty mission and down to earth values built on consensus. There is, not surprisingly, lots of good business sense and ideas to be gleaned from this book. He references many of the books I have presented to you in the last few years. A worthwhile quick read especially if work is bringing you less and less joy ( mental paychecks). He uses stories well to illustrate his point, the book is full of validation and proof!

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