August 31st 2003

Survival is Not Enough. Seth Godin. ISBN 074323387.

Survival is Not Enough by Seth Godin. ISBN 074323387. Seth Godin writes about zooming to encompass change. His work is always original and well written. Totally irreverent as ever, Godin makes a good case for multiple rapid simultaneous testing projects through the company. Small ones that are easy to start and easy to kill. It makes total sense to do this on your website , have it evolve daily like Amazon does (but a small scale). Like the Kinetics book, Godin wants the power to be at the worker level to enable the fix to happen immediately, not through a hierarchy.You may chose to pick this up at a library as some of it is in his other books, Permission Marketing and The Big Red Fez. Useful discussions on feedback systems and how to create many many small changes (attempts at failure) in any size of company in order to find the path to the customer. It is more important to do and fail than not do and not learn anything. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results


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