July 31st 2003

Linked. ALbert-Lazlo Barabasi.

Linked. ALbert-Lazlo Barabasi. ISBN 045228439. May 2003.
The author, with a very readable style, has shown the network similarities of cocktail parties, Al Quaida, E Coli, The World Wide Web, The North American power grid, Asian banking, Google and Microsoft, among many many others. Buy it, read it and reread it if you want to understand just what is going on in the world we live in, and why the Internet “network” has so much more to teach us than the content. The next new thing just might be on the pages of this easy reading, hard hitting book


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  1. It is just in the last 10 years that researches have been able to map a number large complex networks. The mapping of these systems has revealed rules for self-organizing that have impacts for science, medicine, business and every field of endeavor that faces a complex system.

    Linked has some ground breaking insights for business:

    • On how leverage networks with your go-to-market strategies
    • Create alliances within and outside an organization
    • Change the network corporate structure to make your organization more adaptable to fast changing market conditions

    The next innovation revolution is coming from the science of networks.

    D Feldhaus said on 15 Aug 2010 at 2:15 pm #

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