July 31st 2002

Invisible Advantage. Jonathan Low/ Pam Cohen Kalafut

Invisible Advantage Jonathan Low/ Pam Cohen Kalafut 2002. ISBN 0738205397. ($42)

Two Cap Gemini consultants take apart company valuations to find the “invisible advantages”
of many successful and growing companies which are not recognized by regular valuations.
Well done, readable and not that surprising to those of us laboring in the tech industry. I was surprised that two “traditional ” consultants would write something this useful.

Harrahs IT commitment to high value customers is enlightening as are the different measures of ecommerce effectiveness. The ten advantages are leadership, strategy execution, communication& transparency, brand equity, reputation, networks & alliances, technology & processes, human capital, workplace organization & culture, innovation, intellectual capital, and adaptability. Mark it a B. If you can get it at the library, do it.

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