October 31st 2001

Guerrilla Marketing Online. Jay Conrad Levinson

Guerrilla Marketing Online. Jay Conrad Levinson 1995. ISBN 0395728592. Found this one for $2 at an Indigo clearout. How the mighty have fallen , since 1/2 way through I wondered if I should have spent the toonie on a coffee instead. More pleasure from the coffee. If you have read any other guerilla marketing topics by Levinson, then you have already read this book. Talk about repurposing text! Blatent search and replace followed by a new cover. And he had help in doing it from Charles Rubin! His website http://www.gmarketing.com/ gives as much info for free ( but drives you crazy with pop-ups, gaudy graphics and so on.) Face it Jay, you are a prehistoric marketeer, be cheap just don’t look so cheap. Enough said.

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